Hail and Welcome All Daughters of the Morrigu! 

Do you hear her voice whispering to you on the wind? Do you feel her presence in the shadows calling to you? Can you feel her magick and her warrior spirit stir within you? Her truth can pierce like Her sword. She is the Morrigan, the Great Queen, a Goddess of sovereignty, war, magick, healing, death, and change. She is a Goddess of transformation, knowing that before we heal many times we must be wounded. She does not allow us to deceive ourselves. The Morrigan loves but does not coddle. Her lessons may not always be easy but they are rewarding in the end.


Morrigu’s Daughters is a group of women gathered together in kinship to honor the Morrigu.  We are a diverse group of Witches, Pagans, Shamans, Druids, and those of other paths, who find common ground in our love and dedication to the Great Queen.  We exist to bring together those who feel the call of the Morrigan, and to teach, share and grow with one another.



Our words are Truth, Kinship, and Honor.  Our symbols are the Cauldron, the Torc, and the Sword.  The Cauldron provides for the tribe, it is the source of sustenance broth mundane and spiritual.  For us it symbolizes Kinship, coming together for a common purpose, to strengthen and support one another.  The Torc is the symbol of Honor, representing the qualities of the warrior and the sovereign.  We strive to live honorably in service of the Great Queen and our fellow sisters.  The Sword is the symbol of Truth.  It is the bright sword of knowledge that frees us from illusions, the truth that frees the spirits and makes the fire in the head burn brightest.



          We exist to encourage women in self-empowerment, confidence and in living a magical life. Women 21 years of age or older are welcome. In requesting to join our sacred circle you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire which must be answered completely before approved.                                              





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